SCHILBACH welcomes you with professionalism, discretion and honesty. The Atelier de Lutherie in Switzerland is the interlocutor of the musicians. The development of specialized solutions and products, grouped under the Web shop tab, is aimed at luthiers and bow makers. We are convinced that a scientific approach is essential to provide work of the highest quality.



We exclusively offer you instruments from the Italian classical period and historical bows of great value. Let us accompany you in your search for the instrument and the bow that corresponds to your musical and technical requirements. Our customers, students, amateurs and soloists, particularly appreciate our expert advice when purchasing violins, violas, cellos, bows, strings and accessories.



Specialized in high quality retoration, 30 years of professional experience and the development of innovative concepts allow us to solve complex problems. The preservation of the historical condition of your instrument, its reliability and a convincing sound result are our goals. We will provide you with a reliable quote.



We rent instruments that are perfectly adapted to your requirements throughout your musical journey.



A good set-up, advice and support in preparation for competitions, exams, auditions and concerts are essential to a musician's success. Trust our many years of experience in this field. We guarantee reliability and discretion in the evaluation of the value and advice concerning string instruments, in case of inheritance or resale.


Web shop and development

We have set ourselves the aim to help raising the level of precision and craftsmanship through the development of new tools and products. In addition to our own developments, we also test and sell tools and accessories from other manufacturers.

Bow restoration

Bow restoration

We are specialised in high restoration on your bows.



Last weekend, together with some of the most respected violin makers in Europe, we set our focus on the most misunderstood instrument of the classical quartet: the VIOLA. From its place and function in the ensembles throughout the times, its confusing…

Fine Instruments

Fine Instruments

Here is a selection of instruments that are representative of what we offer. Please contact us for details of our actual collection.